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The Business Development Officer for Belajarlagi agency is primarily responsible for generating new leads and expanding the agency’s client base. This role involves identifying potential clients, engaging with prospects, and supporting the sales team to convert leads into business opportunities"

Job Description

- Conduct research to identify potential clients and target markets.

- Use various lead generation tools and platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, CRM software, email marketing) to find and qualify leads.

- Develop and execute lead generation campaigns in collaboration with the marketing team.

- Initiate contact with potential clients through cold calling, emailing, and social media outreach.

- Maintain and update the database of leads, ensuring accurate and detailed records.

- Screen and qualify leads based on predefined criteria to ensure they meet the agency’s target profile.

- Schedule meetings or calls with qualified leads

- Build and nurture relationships with potential clients through regular follow-ups and engagement.

- Support the agency team in preparing pitches and presentations for qualified leads.

- Track and report on lead generation activities and outcomes.


- High empathy and strong communication skills. You will spend most of your time communicating with clients. You will experience various discussions with different kind of people and industry.

- Growth mindset and positive attitude. You need to improve yourself and the business process, excited learn something new.

- Passionate about marketing and have an understanding of digital marketing

- Ability to get things done with a high level of quality result and speed.

- Preferably have experiences & portfolios in agency industry.

- Preferably based in Jakarta


- Basic fee and internet support

- Free access to all Belajarlagi Bootcamp and program

- WFA (Work from Anywhere) & Flexible Hour (edited)