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Project Manager - Part Time

This role is available for anyone with project management skills. Our team will approach selected candidate within 1x24 hours after submission. Any question about this role please contact : people@belajarlagi.id

: B2C Online Bootcamp

Duration : 3-10 weeks (depends on the projects). For period of January-August 2023.

Accountable to: Head of B2C


  • Class Operations
  • Facilitator Coordinator
  • Academic Quality

Job role: Lead end to end B2C Online Bootcamp for digital skills (ranging from full stack digital marketing, specialized digital marketing and other digital skills)

Job desc:

  1. Plan, execute dan evaluate overall bootcamp
  2. Plan, execute dan evaluate curriculum with Subject Matter Experts
  3. Plan, execute dan evaluate class experience and operations
  4. Collect and manage feedback for improvements
  5. Lead Facilitators for students experience 
  6. Report to Head of B2C and stakeholders
  7. Weekly evaluation with Teams and Subject Matter Expert
  8. Develop team (Facilitators, Class Operations, Facilitators)


  1. Experienced in managing projects
  2. Preferably from training/education
  3. Familiar with digital tools
  4. Good communication skills
  5. Accustomed to dealing with clients (corporate)
  6. Preferably understand basic Digital Marketing

Expected demand : 15 hour per week, flexible time, scheduled weekly meeting on working hours