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Performance Ads

As Performance Marketing, you are responsible for creating and executing advertising campaigns on behalf of the company. You will work with a team of other marketing team to develop creative concepts, write copy, design graphics, etc.


  • Creating ads brief that will attract attention and persuade people to purchase products or services
  • Operating, analyzing, and reporting ads performance
  • Reviewing media coverage of a company’s products or services to determine its effectiveness
  • Staying up-to-date on new technologies and trends within the industry to ensure that campaigns are effective


  • Proven work experience
  • Experience launching of successful ads before: Instagram/Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Tiktok Ads.
  • Ability to identify and track relevant Ads metrics.
  • Excellent verbal communication and writing skills
  • Knowledge of online marketing and marketing channels
  • Edu-tech background will be a plus point