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Corporate Business Development

Full time| Remote (Work from Anywhere)
🎯 Responsibilities
- Planning, executing, and evaluating corporatetraining businesses.

- Searching for,identifying, and following up on potential business clients for corporatetraining offers.

- Building relationshipswith potential and existing customers from end to end.

- Identifying client needsand developing marketing strategies.

- Establishingpartnerships with other companies for business expansion in corporate training.

- Compiling programproposals tailored to the needs of business clients.

🎫 Qualifications
- Experience in business development/SalesRepresentative/B2B for approximately 2 years.

- Preferably haveexperience or a portfolio in agency, consulting, training, and B2B industries.

- High empathy and strongcommunication skills.

- Accustomed to, easily,and quickly establishing communication with new people.

- Able to create engagingpresentations and possess excellent presentation skills.

- Have a growth mindset, apositive attitude, and enthusiasm for learning new things.

- Have a basicunderstanding of digital marketing.

- Capable of completingtasks with a high level of quality and speed.

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