Account Executive Lead

Belajarlagi is seeking an Account Executive Lead to manage our agency services. This role is available for anyone with relationship management skills.

Job Description
  1. Identify client’s needs and develop strategies to achieve business objectives.
  2. Conduct cold calls or reaching out to prospective clients.
  3. Maintain clients relationship.
  4. Lead a team of : creative designer, planner, producer
  5. Lead team's performance based on clients needs.
  6. Develop and create product related with agency marketing
  1. High empathy and strong communication skills. You will spend most of your time communicating with business partner. You will experience various discussions with different kind of people and industry. You have to create a detailed deck and have excellent presentation skills.
  2. Growth mindset and positive attitude. You need to improve yourself and the bussiness process, excited learn something new.
  3. Passionate about marketing and have an understanding of digital marketing
  4. Ability to get things done with a high level of quality result and speed.
  5. Preferably have experiences & portfolios in agency industry.
  6. Preferably experienced in leading and managing a team
  7. Preferably based in Jakarta
  1. Basic fee and internet support
  2. WFA (Work from Anywhere) & Flexible Hour